Personalized bioinformatics for global cancer susceptibility identification and clinical management.

The PanCanRisk project aims to apply bioinformatics for global identification of genetic susceptibility to cancer and clinical management. It is coordinated by the team of Professor Angel Carracedo in the Fundación Pública Galega de Medicina Xenómica(FPGMX), and is part of the European Commission Program Horizon 2020.

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Our aim:

Fight against the inheritance of this disease through bioinformatics

With the PanCanRisk project we try to expand scientific horizons in this area of health and chart a new course for the entire field of cancer research to point the way to more effective individualized approaches.

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Make available our research results to the scientific and clinical community to improve cancer prevention and treatment.

The laboratories and entities involved in the PanCanRisk consortium per se represent the first step of a professional dissemination program at a very early phase. They provide a solid basis for facilitated exchange of methods, knowledge and expertise, as well as giving access to a network of footholds for further regional dissemination.

Expand the scientific horizon of the cancer research field beyond the state of the art.

We consider a matter of extreme importance not only the development but also the implementation of intuitive computational tools for the day-to-day clinical practice. In order to support clinicians in diagnosis, decision-making, treatment selection, etc., we aim at making the wealth of medical genomics data accessible to oncologists. As mentioned earlier in this proposal, we will evaluate the commercialization of innovations introduced in the software of the eDIVA platform.